How to make AC colder in car

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The car air conditioning system is the only thing you have to keep the car cabinet cool during a hot summer day drive.  If your car air conditioning system is not working as per your expectation. And you are wondering about how to make AC colder in car. Then this article is for you.

How to make AC colder in car 

Want to know how to make AC colder in car during summer? Well, this can be done in two different ways. 

If your car AC has no functional problem. Then 7 quick setups can make a car colder in the car. 

With functionality problems. There are 8 eight different maintenance work you can do to make your car ac cold. 

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How to make AC colder in car

1. Use the AC recirculation model as much as possible

Make the best out of your car’s air conditioning unit. It is highly recommended to use the AC recirculation mode as much as possible. During recirculating mode, AC takes the air present inside the car cabin.

As air inside the car cabin will be at a bit lower temperature as compared to the air outside. This reduces this stress on the air conditioning unit thus increasing its efficiency.

2. Clean or Change the Cabin air filter

The Cabin air filter is responsible for cleaning the air coming into the car cabin. Any login in the cabin air filter will put an extra burden on your car air conditioning unit. 

This will reduce its efficiency. It is highly recommended to clean and change your car cabin air filter after the manufacturer’s recommended interval to make AC colder in car.

3. Always keep the car air intake clean

When a car AC needs to take fresh air from the atmosphere. It sucks in the air from the car intake. If the car air intake is clogged, AC may face difficulty in providing cold air in the car cabin.

Keep the car intake clean from any type of dust, debris, leaves, clothes, or anything that can block the airflow from outside into the car air conditioning system.

4. Always keep the car AC condenser free of debris and bugs

The car AC condenser is responsible for cooling the refrigerant present inside the car AC system. The condenser does it by allowing fresh air to pass over the tubes containing the refrigerant.

if the condenser tubes are covered in dust or debris then it will not be able to cool the refrigerant as required. This will reduce the car’s AC efficiency significantly. 

The condenser is present at the front of the car Under the Hood. You can easily clean the condenser with a water hose or brush.

5. Use glass tint on all windows

You can also increase the car’s AC efficiency by using the glass tint on all car windows. This when combined with the recirculating mode will increase the efficiency significantly.

Glass tint will block the heat due to sunlight from entering the car cabin and heating the air inside it thus making the car colder in car. 

There are some countries and states in the US that don’t allow the use of glass tint on car windows. So you need to consider your country’s rules and regulations before using glass tint on car windows.

6. Use window shades during daylight time

If the class 10th is not allowed in your country or state. Then you can use window shares on your car windows during the data. 

Window shades can easily be installed and removed within seconds. They also work the same as that of the glass tint and block any heat from coming into the car cabin.

7. Always park your car under the shade during sunshine

Another thing that you can do to increase your car’s AC efficiency is to always park the car under the shade during summer. 

Direct sunlight can increase the cabin temperature to about 172 F. This puts an extra load on the car’s AC system. So always park your car under the shade to make it colder in car.

8. Inspect or change the radiator cooling fans

Another thing to inspect is the car radiator cooling fans. Depending on the car make and model there can be one or two radiator cooling fans. 

These fans are responsible for the flow of air over the condenser tubes to cool refrigerants. 

If these fans are broken or not working properly then you should ask your mechanic to replace these radiator fans before doing anything else.

9. Inspect or change the cooling fan drive belt

The radiator calling fans are driven by the AC compressor through a belt drive. If the belt in the belt drive is worn out or loose then the compressor motor will not be able to rotate the fan properly.

Check for any visible damage on the belt. Try to push or pull it with your fingers to check its tension. The belt has to be fully tight without any slag in it.

10. Adjust the compressor clutch

As the car AC compressor is driven by the car engine through serpentine belt. There is a clutch mechanism that enables the engaging and disengaging of the compressor from the engine.

Any damage or wear and tear in the compressor clutch mechanism will not allow the transfer engine to the compressor.

Depending on the damage the mechanic might need to maintain or completely replace the clutch mechanism.

11. Inspect or change the AC compressor

The car AC compressor is the power unit of the air conditioning system. It not only compresses the refrigerant but also provides the required pressure to make the refrigerant flow throughout the air conditioning unit. 

Any damage to the AC compressor will seriously affect the AC efficiency to cool the air. Small damages can easily be repaired. 

Any serious damage due to the age of the compressor or any accident will need you to completely replace the AC compressor unit to make AC colder in car.

12. Replace the temperature switches

There is a switch inside your car that allows you to control the AC system. You can simply increase or decrease the car AC working to increase or decrease the cabin temperature.

A broken temperature switch will not allow you to control the AC system properly. These switches are relatively very simple and low cost.

So if you find any problem with them then replacing the temperature switch is the best option.

13. Inspect or refill the AC refrigerant 

The car AC refrigerant cools the air coming into the car cabin. There is a fixed quantity of AC refrigerant required in the AC system for it to work properly.

If the AC system has more or less than the manufacturer’s recommended level or quantity of AC refrigerant. This will seriously affect the working of your air conditioning system.

A low quantity of refrigerant will not allow the AC system to cool the incoming air. more than the required quantity of refrigerant will put extra pressure on AC system components and can result in a leak.

Ask your mechanic to check refrigerant pressure and do a refill if needed to make AC colder in car.

14. Inspect for any leak in the system

If your car AC is not cooling the car cabinet even after doing a refill of AC refrigerant then there might be a leak in your air conditioning system. As your mechanic checks the refrigerant level a few days after the refill process.

Depending on the type of league you might need to repair or change the entire air conditioning unit.

15. Use car AC additives 

There are few additives available in the market and you can fill your car air conditioning unit with the refrigerant. These additives increase the lubrication of the compressor thus increasing its efficiency.

You might need to do some research on this as there are a variety of additives available for different types of refrigerants and car air conditioning systems. you need to find the one that is compatible with your car’s AC refrigerant and system.

Last Words

How to make my AC colder in my car? We have discussed 15 different things that you can do to make AC colder in car.  

If you have any questions or things to share with us do comment here and we will respond accordingly.

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